“Your mind is a garden, your thoughts are the seeds. You can grow flowers, or you can grow weeds”-Anonymous #thoughts #positive #thinking #spring #mindfulness #awareness #energy #mentalhealth #positivity #revival

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We will keep up with our spring theming with this week’s Blogspiration to keep some sunshine in our minds even though there may be frost on the ground…Some of us may not have a green thumb when it comes to plants, so it may be hard to imagine anything growing from a seed, but let’s try anyways:

This week the challenge is to either bring into your awareness if your thoughts are positive or negative.  It may be a bonus to also write down these thoughts so you can have a visual of what is happening in your mind.  If you notice a negative thought, come up with a way to revive it as a  positive thought…

Example 1: “I am so mad the kids gave me a hard time this morning and I was late for work!” to “Hmm, this seems to happen often, maybe I can try to get up a half hour earlier so we leave on time rather than a half hour late, I’m taking back control.”

Example 2: “I hate dealing with customer complaints, that guy ruined my day and was such a jerk!” to “That was tough, however I am proud of myself for handling difficult people the best I could, this is definitely something I can continue working on!”

Please be kind to yourself, even if you have trouble starting to revive your thoughts positively, just noticing if they are positive or negative is a huge accomplishment.  Go reward yourself for taking control of those negative thoughts and bring in the sunshine for growth and positivity!