“You can’t have the fruits without the roots”-Stephen Covey #foundation #motivation #create

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Some create lavish expectations for their lives, whether it’s to become the next youtube celebrity or have a romantic relationship without conflict, etc. The “roots” are often missed and instead unmet expectations take their place. Take an aspiring musician who wants to play guitar. They imagine getting on stage and playing in a rock band. They may be disappointed when they pick up the guitar and learn there are many strings, notes, chords and techniques that must be learned first and so frustration may set in, not realizing how much work goes into becoming a rock star. The same concept can be applied to careers, relationships and soul seeking.

I always encourage my clients to set their goals by small and attainable elements so that progress can be measured, and more importantly that a foundation can be built. If you want to reach a goal, we need to break it up and look at the whole journey…how can we start? How can we practice? Who can support us? When setting a goal this week, I will leave you with starting this challenge thinking not about the ending, but how you will build the foundation and set that stage to get closer to what you want. Remind yourself what is in your control and what is out of your control. As the quote conveys, it takes water, sun and other care for a fruit tree to grow fruit. Your journey will take time, patience, love, labor and reflection to build a solid foundation.