“You can reinforce your desire for freedom by choosing freedom as often as possible”-Hale Dwoskin #freedom #choice #boundaries #selfcare #priorities #mindfulness #mentalhealth #live #relationships

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We can occasionally trap ourselves with feeling like we don’t have a choice in our own lives, particularly with things to do and people to see.  If you find yourself prioritizing other people or other things over yourself, it’s time to re-evaluate where your time goes.  Is this something you really want to do or someone you really want to see?  Right now? Can it wait? If you don’t really want to go to that birthday party, don’t!  If you need a break, put it on your calendar and take it.  This quote is for those of us who put others before ourselves so much that it burns us out. Those of us who say yes to every invitation so much that there’s no room left for anything else.  You may feel like you don’t deserve a break…well you do!

This week, give yourself the freedom of not scheduling something, taking something off your calendar,  or just taking a 15 minute break that would have been a phone call.  In other words, give yourself the choice of freedom rather than someone else making the choice for you or feeling like you have no choice at all.  If your choice involves saying “no” to someone and they are a meaningful person in your life, they will understand.  If they don’t…perhaps it’s time to re-evaluate how much time goes to that relationship.  Of course, there may be moments where you don’t have a choice like being a parent or an employee.  Begin to recognize the moments where you do have a choice.  Allow yourself the choice and freedom to be somewhere or surround yourself with others that you choose.  Be free!