“You are today where your thoughts have brought you. You will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you.”-James Allen

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Our mind is a powerful place, providing us creativity, resourcefulness and imagination alike. Sometimes we take our thoughts for granted, we believe they are out of our control. So many believe that their thoughts control them. “I can’t do this today,” “I need to go to this party”…Those thoughts, the expectations you created are just that, creations! Yes, the self talk in your mind is something YOU put together. I challenge you to use this quote to take control of your inner voice this week to empower yourself with positive language. Be mindful of the words you use with yourself as you embark on this week’s journey of gentle change. These controlling thoughts and negativity may be a habit that you are ready to break, so have patience. Try just for this hour, maybe for this morning or maybe just for today. Remember that you have the control to try again if that inner voice gets carried away with old habits and if today fails, there is always tomorrow to start fresh.