“When you take action or engage others with whom you have a disagreement, the most important thing to keep in mind is your intent”-Don Miguel Ruiz jr. #intent #conscience #relationships #kindness

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Often when people engage in conversation they (hopefully) are thinking before they speak, knowing what they would like to say or formulating what they will say next in response.  Less often, we are aware of our intent and meaning of what we say or are going to say and I have seen this create so many riffs in relationships.  Intention is the most powerful tool you have in understanding yourself in relation to the people around you.  Think about people who love gossip, what are their intentions? What about people who have an attitude with the seeming intention to get you to feel the same as them…miserable?

Then are there others with the good intentions…to help someone, to make a genuine compliment, to empathize with another’s feelings…that’s what we need more of.  The challenge this week is to attempt to have a positive intention in as much as possible with what you do and what you say.  If you have negative intentions, think about the affect on others and how that intention reflects you as a person.  Think to yourself “what is my intention right now, in this moment?”   Hopefully your true intentions will lead you to a fulfilled and happy week!