“When we face the worst that can happen in any situation, we grow. When circumstances are at their worst, we can find our best.”-Elizabeth Kubler-Ross

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Sometimes, the issues or circumstances we face in life can feel like “the end of world.” We aren’t sure if we should get out of bed in the morning or it is a struggle to face the emotions that surface from a negative experience we have had. It is easy to let ourselves feel like we are stuck, immobile, paralyzed to move forward. If we move forward we may feel uncomfortable, we may feel pain and so we continue to protect ourselves by avoiding these emotions. Remember that those moments of uncomfort are pivotal to the positive change we really desire. Give yourself a chance this week to get comfortable with the uncomfortable, to work through these negative emotions and find that you are the author in your next chapter. You are strong enough to get out of bed! You are strong enough to face that fear and work through it! Remind yourself that ignoring or giving into what is there is not giving yourself a chance to work at it. Although facing it may be difficult, you may just find yourself feeling better sooner. It is a new day, a new week and you possess the strength to reboot, restart…the time is now!