What We Do

Individual Counseling: Our counselors are trained to see children, adolescents and adults for a variety of issues and concerns.

Couples Counseling: We offer couples counseling/pre-marital counseling to those who both agree to work on the relationship.

Group Counseling: Themed groups are seasonal and run on a 10-week goals based curriculum. Our groups include Grief counseling (Winter), Kids in Transition (KIT) divorce group for 5th-8th grade (Fall), and Teen Wellness group for girls 8th-12th grade (Spring).

Parent Coaching: For struggling parents or separated/divorced/blended family situations that are co-parenting, we assist with connecting to their children while working on concerns such as discipline, communication and a development of a parenting plan.

Career/College Coaching: We offer full service career counseling from career assessment, resume building to job interview preparation (not covered by insurance).

Peace in Progress: Ideal for those who experience stress and/or anxiety. This is an 8-week computer based program designed for ages 10 and up where clients connect their mind and body through interactive games facilitated by a counselor incorporating biological feedback and mindful awareness.

Psychological Assessment: Psychological assessment upon request of outside agency.

Educational Presentations/Trainings: Our Director and Clinical Supervisor present on a variety of psycho-educational topics to organizations and schools. Please inquire for more information.

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