“What other people think of me is none of my business”-Anonymous #gossip #beyourself #worry

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All too frequently in life, people care about what is fashionable, “in” or worried about how others see them.  When we worry about others (not in the caring, selfless way), we are intentionally putting ourselves down.  This may start for some by looking in the mirror…”I shouldn’t wear this dress to work, my boss hates the color blue” to changing plans you were looking forward to…”I can’t show up to the bar now that I know my ex is there, she can’t see me like this!”

The challenge this week is to be yourself by not letting what others think infiltrate your thoughts or actions that make you, you.  The challenge is also to notice if you find yourself in gossip to see if you can kindly stop it before you find yourself in other people’s business.  Just like we are trying to put a filter on others’ views of us, we can also put the filter on ourselves.  We never truly know what people are experiencing in their lives.  Although we may be fascinated by the stories that are presented to us, if they are not from the person themselves, we all know stories can become quite embellished and artificial.  So keep the focus on you, because after all, you deserve the majority of your attention to lead the life you want.