“We don’t have to wait till we hit a pain point in order to make a change. We can give ourselves permission now”-Sheri Riley #selfcare #motivation #permission #habits #mentalhealth #goals #change

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When we are burnt out, stressed out and know we need to change most of the time, the change doesn’t happen.  I’ve watched a lot of my clients continue what I call “suffering in survival” mode of their lives desperately wanting things to be different, even fantasizing about it, but yet nothing happens…until a crisis does.  This crisis can look like sickness, death, job loss, break down, panic attack or take many other negative forms in the way it manifests.  Then, all of a sudden change starts to happen slowly but only because in that moment “it has to.”

I really like this quote because I find when I ask my clients to give themselves permission to make changes now rather than waiting for a crisis it brings relief.  The challenge this week is to give yourself permission to bring about positive change in your life.  This could be “I am going to give myself permission to take a lunch” or “Today I am going to give myself permission to pick up my son early from school so we can play instead of staying at work later” or “I am going to give myself permission not to check my work e-mail at home tonight.”  Give yourself permission out loud if you have to, positive change will ultimately lead to a happier you, so don’t wait.  Give yourself the permission to find moments of happiness and peace now.  I am giving you permission to give yourself permission!