“Wanting positive experience is a negative experience; accepting negative experience is a positive experience”-Mark Manson #acceptance #mentalhealth #anxiety

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Disappointment is part of life, yet it is so hard for many to accept.  I hear all the time about positive expectations, “I know I’ll ace this test!,” “I want this job so badly I have to get it,” “You better get me a birthday cake this year!,” etc.  When those things don’t happen, it can be devastating.  The wants we create in our headspace can became rabid enemies for blame, excuses or criticism if we develop expectations of anything.  The truth is: with experiences, especially those involving others or other situations outside of our control is just that-we truly have no freakin’ idea what will happen!

The challenge this week is that if something does not go your way, or if a positive situation turns out negative allow yourself to embrace that feeling.  Sure, it may be painful, hurt or plain just suck to be feeling it… but I want you to challenge yourself to feel it and say “It’s okay to feel this,” “Here’s what I’ll do next time…,” “Here’s what’s in my control now…”  Whatever is happening is probably temporary and self-created.  Just having the expectation of positive experience can be negative as this quote conveys, but acceptance of something negative…now that’s some pretty awesome power if you can let it happen!  You are in control your perspective, no one else.