“There is a switch within all of us that we can flick from SURVIVE to CONQUER. Even though we need to survive sometimes , we shouldn’t get too comfortable in our life jackets” Lilly Singh @IISuperwomanII #mindset #uncomfortable #mentalhealth #anxiety

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I say many times on this Blogspiration and to my clients, that uncomfortable is where change happens.  I believe everyone is capable, with a positive and determined mindset to flip that switch from survive to conquer.  If we get too comfortable, we limit ourselves from growth, potential and overall the best selves we can become.

The challenge this week is to think about a goal you have for the upcoming summer.  Maybe it’s to run a 5k…and you’re surviving every week on the treadmill walking a mile…now your challenge is to push yourself maybe to run a quarter of a mile.  Or perhaps it’s to not be distracted by social media to progress in your business.  Your conquer moment could be installing an app that limits your social media use during the work day.  Whatever it is you want to accomplish, get uncomfortable, find your change and celebrate whatever progress you can do each day!