“Stop a moment, cease your work, look around you”-Leo Tolstoy #mindfulness #awareness #selfcare #perspective #patience #mentalhealth #anxiety #moments #digitaldetox #anxiety #depression #priorities #focus #recovery

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This quote is so simple, yet extremely powerful in the digital world we live in.  Most of the time, our heads are down, looking at screens for work, organization, communication or entertainment.  All of these little moments on our phones, computers and gaming devices add up to hours and days lost of our lives even though we are in a constant state of “I don’t have time!”

This quote is not about time management.  The challenge this week is about lifting your head up once in a while and take notice of what is happening around you, how you feel, the pace of your breath, etc.  These small moments of being mindful and aware are a chance to recover your mind, replenish your spirit and enhance your focus on the next task.  If you’d like, keep a log at what happens when you take these moments.  I think you’ll discover a lot about yourself and others in these mini breaks throughout your day.