“Sometimes it’s important to go to a familiar place and look at it with fresh eyes”-Marsha Cooper #marshacooper #perspective #mindfulness #selfcare #experience #mentalhealth #anxiety #awareness #motivation #nature #therapy

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When we are rushed, feeling anxious, depressed or just plain off it can leave us feeling like we are surviving and not thriving.  Think of a place that you like to go to, maybe alone where you feel relaxed and calm.  If you can this week, I would encourage you to go to that place if you can and take a look at it with fresh eyes…what do you see? What do you smell? What feelings, thoughts and memories come up for you here?  Allow yourself to be in the moment and connect with those thoughts and feelings.  Having a fresh perspective can be a new fulfilling experience that gives you the momentum you need to get through the week.

If you can’t get to that place, try to take a moment to close your eyes and imagine it or look at a picture of it if you can.  You can do this exercise really with any place to get in touch with yourself and others in various settings and to learn to look at things differently.  For example,  if you sit down at your desk at work and immediately feel anxiety, that would probably be a good time to sit back and look at your desk as your own space…what would you need to see on your desk that could help bring your anxiety down? Maybe it’s a funny picture or one of those “easy” buttons from Staples…or perhaps thinking of something positive before you sit down.

Perspective can be a complete game changer with what we think and how we feel.  Embrace this exercise to discover a new way to see through any negativity in your life.