“Respect your efforts, not your results”-Michael Bennett, MD #effort #motivation #selfcare #success #wellness

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Society tends to measure success with what we achieve.  Achievement is relative to the efforts we put in and unfortunately this sets us up for what we deem as “failure” if we do not make it to a predetermined finish line.  When it comes to mental health, achievement is usually seen as “when I can stop coming to therapy” and that is simply not true.  The intense effort along the way, during your appointment and more importantly outside of your appointments, that effort is both amazing and rewarding!

Do you set your expectations of yourself with a finish line?  We tend to be our worst critics during the times what we really need is some reassurance that we have put forth meaningful effort.  The challenge this week is to get rid of that mental finish line and praise yourself for your efforts in your journey to wellness thus far.  Reminding yourself of what you’ve accomplished in the past hour, day or week matters and is AWESOME!  You may not be where you want to be right now, however by giving yourself some positive motivation, you may find yourself closer to leading a happier and more fulfilling life along the way.  Effort is progress!