“Regardless of what language you speak, your intent manifests through the word”-Don Miguel Ruiz #understanding #communication #intention #relationships #wordsmatter #thoughtful #mindful

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Words matter.  Especially when we find emotions rising within us and affecting us…that is a sign we need to become mindful of those emotions.  Being honest and communicating our interpretations and intentions with our loved ones or people we work with is important to our overall well-being. We need to think clearly about how we are going to say things to make sure what comes out,  it matches our intent. It’s so easy for words/body language to be reactive and not match intent.   For example, if a married spouse says to her husband/wife with the intent on saving their marriage if they felt conflict, “I would like to go to couples counseling” and they reply “I don’t have time for that!”-the one suggesting counseling may understand- “I don’t have time for that!” to come from the intention that they don’t care, they and/or their relationship is not important, counseling isn’t important and that they do not have any problems.  The spouse that doesn’t have time may not have had those intentions through their words, they may have felt stressed and not thinking clearly, however the intention “I don’t want to here what you have to say” seems loud and clear in this example.

The challenge this week is to become mindful of your emotions before speaking and ask yourself “what is my intention with what I am about to say?”  Hopefully your intention comes from a positive place of working through conflict or building a relationship because I am by no means trying to promote hurtful intent here! If you don’t think what you said came out the way you intended just ask…  “I think that may have come out wrong, what did you hear me say?” or “My intention is not to harm our relationship, what message did you just get from me?”  Verbal and non-verbal communication is so important in our daily lives, so set the best intentions forward to have the most satisfying relationships! <3