“Problems can become opportunities when the right people come together”-Robert Redford #support #mentalhealthmatters #opportunity #breakthestigma

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Sometimes we feel stuck…and alone.  Like it is up to us to solve our own problems and yet there is no energy to find a solution, every door seems locked.  When you get stuck sometime this week, look around you…most likely there is someone who can help even if it’s only an ear to listen, a shoulder to cry on, phone number for a therapist or an e-mail to a family member.  Someone is always nearby, even strangers can be willing to help.  Asking for help can be something small…”can you watch my dog while I go to the store?,” “can you hold the door for me so I can get my stroller through?,” “can you cover the phones while I go to the bathroom?”

Taking this to a deeper level…Mental Health Awareness month has ironically been on our May calendars in the United States since…wait for it….1949!  Yet here we are, still combating stigma, hiding our pain and being ashamed to reach out to help.  You are important and you matter!  Those problems you may be holding inside could be an opportunity for change, rebirth and renewal.  All you have to do is reach out to those willing to help.  Be direct, be kind and be honest…especially when it comes to your own mental health.   Stop the stigma!