The Clinical Supervisor is available to provide supervision to all staff professional and associate counselors.

Licensed Associate Counselors are required to participate in all individual, group supervision and training meetings.

The goals of supervision for Licensed Associate Counselors within supervision are to:

  • Initiate best counseling practice
  • Develop skills and abilities
  • Protect clients
  • Implement ethical and professional practice
  • Provide a high level of service for client satisfaction
  • Engage in parallel process of supervision

All licensed staff will be reviewed and observed based on the following criteria:

  • Counseling/Clinical approach
  • Ethical knowledge and application
  • Client-Counselor relationship
  • Progress notes and treatment plans
  • Responsiveness to supervisor
  • Professionalism
  • Receptiveness of feedback


Licensed Professional Counselors will be observed once a year while Licensed Associate Counselors will be observed 3 times a year including a meeting to discuss feedback and growth.  Please note, the Clinical Supervisor & Director may observe licensed staff at anytime deemed necessary including communicating any concerns with their clients to uphold the consistency and care within our organization. Observations will be conducted using the following observable skills: Overall clinical approach, Interpretations/Problem Identifying, Reflection, Paraphrasing/Summarization, Confrontations, Education, Information giving, Use of silence, Use of specific techniques, Mutual goal setting, Use of homework, Psychoeducation, Therapeutic climate/rapport, Overall empathy, Ethical application, Progress notes, Treatment Planning, Overall professionalism, Responsiveness to Supervisor

Expectations of Supervisee:

  • Provide the Director and Clinical Supervisor current license, liability insurance and any state forms in reference to obtaining professional licensure as well as any communications with the state.
  • Provide individual counseling based on your scope of practice under my supervision as co-counselor
  • Provide clients with appointment and treatment communication
  • Attend weekly individual supervision and group supervision meetings
  • Attend scheduled practice trainings on various mental health topics
  • Maintain client records including treatment plans, assessments and progress notes
  • Track hours towards licensure and adhere to state licensure codes and process
  • Maintain professional liability insurance
  • Adhere to code of ethics
  • Maintain supervision notes from our meetings and be open to supervisor feedback
  • Present and model appropriate directives
  • Monitor your techniques and intervention choices according to supervisor observation
  • Adhere to reporting procedures for clients at risk including crisis management and confidentiality

Supervision is at no charge to those employed at Life Prep Counseling.  The Clinical Supervisor & Director have the ability to terminate the supervisory relationship any time based on any ethical, professional, or legal concerns in regards to client treatment or otherwise.