Social Media & Technology Use

Social Media & Technology Use

Following ethical guidelines and HIPAA HITECH regulations, interacting with current and past clientele of all staff is strictly prohibited.

Text messaging and e-mail shall only be used for the following:

  • scheduling purposes
  • sending/receiving clinical documentation
  • sending billing related documents from Thernest including receipts, payment history and invoices
  • client resources such as homework that are more than 2 pages and/or cannot be printed out

Each client who engages in therapy must sign the social media policy that is with the General Forms.

Clients and counselors must understand that any engagement/communication via the internet is not private and can compromise privacy. There should be no engagement between counselors and clients via the internet and/or social media other than the pages that Life Prep Counseling as a business maintains.

Staff at Life Prep Counseling are expected to keep their private social media accounts private from clients and not actively search out client accounts to adhere to our professional ethical guidelines and uphold our practice reputation.