Individual Counseling: Individuals may request individual counseling services for a variety of issues, situations or concerns.  These sessions will begin weekly and as the client progresses appointments will become bi-weekly, monthly and then as needed leading to termination.  Clients will be placed with the appropriate counselor depending on location, appointment availability, age level and counselor scope of practice or experience.  Clients are allowed to bring in a support to their session, however it must be understood that the individual coming in is a support and not intended for couples counseling.

Couples Counseling: Counselors who have been trained to work with couples may counsel couples.  If an individual of the couple requests individual counseling, a different counselor will be placed on the case.  If the individual of the couple would like the individual counselor to communicate with their couple’s counselor, a release will need to be signed.

Family Counseling: Counselors who have been trained to work with families If individuals of the family would like individual counseling, the individual counselor can communicate with the family counselor if a release is signed.

Group Counseling: Themed group counseling is seasonal based on a written curriculum developed by the Director.  Each group must have a minimum of 5 participants to take place with no more than 8 participants maximum.  Each counselor facilitating the group will complete training with the Director prior to the group’s starting.  When the group has concluded, the counselor will discuss any referral necessary with each client as well as complete an evaluation with the Director.

Parent Coaching: Staff may refer clients for parent coaching with trained staff.  These sessions are as needed, meant for coaching parents on understanding a child/adolescent’s perspective, discipline, communication, psycho-education and other specific concerns.

Career/College Coaching:  Staff may refer clients for career counseling with the Director.  These services are specific and solution-focused.  Services include career assessment, resume writing/review, interview preparation, letter preparation, essay and application assistance, etc.  Please note, these services are not covered by insurance.

Peace in Progress Program: Clients may partake in our mindfulness based anxiety reduction program following an 8-week curriculum with trained staff.  All PIP sessions will be billed as a separately for each client.  Client may try 1 exercise as a trial.  Counselors will notify office manager of any clients participating.

Assessment & Documentation Requests: Clients who request a psychological assessment or documentation of their treatment may request this documentation for a preparation fee to be completed by the Clinical supervisor or Director.  The Documentation Request and Release Form and payment must be received from the client prior to the completion of the documents requested.

Please note: Attendance confirmations are not considered a documentation request and can be completed via the Attendance Confirmation Form directly by the client’s counselor with no charge.

Educational Presentations/Trainings: The Director and Clinical Supervisor will be responsible for any psycho-educational presentations requested.  Fees and availability will be at Director’s discretion after discussion of presentation details and proposal submission.  Any organization, persons or agencies requesting presentation can be forwarded to the Director to discuss topic outline, pricing, length and availability.  Please see our presentation page for more information.

  • Presentation/Training Process:
    1. Presentation/Training Request Form is completed and sent to office
    2. Director completes proposal and forwards to Office Assistant to send to requestor
    3. Proposal is sign and returned, date and time is confirmed
    4. Once proposal is signed, presenter will call requestor to discuss details
    5. Presenter sends completed proposal to Office Assistant
    6. Office Assistant register’s requestor, files proposal and creates invoice