“People often say that motivation doesn’t last.Well, neither does bathing that’s why we recommend it daily”-Zig Ziglar #motivation #care #goals #positive

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Happy New Year!  Now that we’ve made it to the next year, people often suddenly find the motivation to eat out less, join a gym or call their Great Aunt Greta to make amends.  A month later, they may find themselves ordering take out, wondering why joining the gym didn’t help them lose 50lbs and not understanding why Great Aunt Greta is still a ruthless crab.  As the quote reflects, motivation isn’t a temporary shift or a miracle worker for long term goals.  Motivation takes prioritizing time, positive energy and focus every day to reach a goal.

So if I’m saying we can’t waive a magic wand, how do we start?  Using the examples above to take a small first step: order takeout 1 night less a week, join a gym committing to going 1-2x a week instead of every day and while we can’t control Aunt Greta’s attitude, we can let her know how we feel regardless if she validates our feelings or not.  Set a small, attainable first step as typically, we set high expectations for ourselves without understanding how we will get results in a realistic way.  Either way, hold yourself accountable and take responsibility for reaching your goal. Some like to write things down, set reminders, calendar alerts or rely on friends to give them a push–find what works for for you and that 2017 goal will be yours!