“People inspire you, or they drain you-pick them wisely”-Hans F. Hansen #inspire #relationships

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Who inspires you and uplifts you in your life? Those are the people who you know you can count on for support, no matter if you make a mistake, they are there to help pick up the pieces Yet, I find that many focus time and energy on people that drain them, put them down or compete with them. Usually, you know you are giving these toxic people in your life so much of your energy, however maybe you aren’t sure how to stop them from creeping into your mind or feeling that you have some sort of obligation to help them with all of the drama that they bring.

This week’s challenge is to give yourself the choice. You can ask yourself some of these questions…Are they worth my time and energy right now? Do they bring something positive to my life? What would I rather be thinking about/doing instead of devoting my time to them? Once you give yourself the choice, you give yourself back the control over your life that you really want. The choice to do what makes you feel happy, and the choice to distance yourself from toxic people. Remind yourself that you are worth it and the people who bring you happiness and support are worth it. Everyone else that is draining you is just keeping you from becoming who you want to be. The choice is yours…