“Our behavior is a function of our decisions, not our conditions”-Stephen Covey #mindful #choice #responsibility #mentalhealth

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Sure, there are a lot of things in our lives that are out of our control.  I also see a lot that is in our control, particularly our decisions that lead us to behave or act a certain way.  Bottom line is that there is usually a choice, sometimes the choice one makes may not match up with how they truly feel for the reason that they “have to” do it for example.  No one says you “have to” do anything, there is always a choice.  I also hear “they made me do it,” and when we investigate we realize there is usually a choice. We cannot blame our conditions we act on, after all our actions are our decisions.  There is always a choice…sure your condition may put you in a complicated spot to be in, but remember you have the choice on how you act-no one else including your conditions can force you into a behavior.

The challenge this week and next (Blogspiration will be offline next Monday the 20th) will be to take a moment to understand your feelings before taking action, especially if those feelings are from a place of anger or frustration.  Typically with intense emotions we react and do not take a moment to realize what our options are.  You always have options, give yourself a chance!  Use the next couple of weeks to think about your choices prior to acting on them.  Embrace being more mindful, taking the control over your life that you need.