“Open minds lead with open hearts”-Amy Nolan #creativity #mentalhealth #choice #mindfulness #anxiety #depression #outlook

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Here we are already, at the end of the month.  I hope you have found some great tools in building your creativity within your mental health this month through each weekly challenge.

This quote to end of off the month is from yours truly.  If we want to open our minds, become mindful of our feelings, words and actions we need to connect to our hearts through recognizing what we value most.  My send off challenge as we end September is to change one negative thought you have into a positive one that relates to something you value in your heart.

For example, if your friend cancels on your coffee date and you think “I can’t believe they canceled on me!”-because you value commitment, let’s change that to something like “It’s ok, now I can use that time to commit to spending more time on…..(myself,  a project, my family, etc.).  I’ll wait for them to contact me to reschedule when they can.”…it’s amazing how changing one thought could change a whole outlook on your day!

Want a bigger challenge?…Do this once a day for the entire week and write it down.  You’ll be surprised how much you learn about yourself from this small exercise…one thought at a time!