“Nothing will work unless you do”-Maya Angelou #goals #resolutions #mentalhealth #motivation #workit

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Here we are in the official full second week of the new year.  How are the resolutions working out?  When I used to be a personal trainer and exercise instructor at the gym the first 2 weeks of January were amazing!  My classes would have lines out the door, my training sessions had a waitlist.  The gym parking lot looked like a Chick Fil A drive-thru.  And then the 3rd week would come, the 4th…and then it was just the regulars showing up to class.  So what happens?

What happens is we expect results immediately, and are hard on ourselves when we don’t see them no matter how hard we are working.  The Blogspiration challenge this week is to stay motivated.  Schedule time literally on your calendar for your resolutions and if the unexpected happens, stay committed to a piece of the time.  So if you can’t sit and read your book for a half hour because of a doc appointment, bring the book and read while you are in the waiting room and for 10 mins in the car after.  As the quote conveys, nothing’s going to work unless you do…even if it’s little pieces…the puzzle will eventually build.