“Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted”-Albert Einstein #awareness #priority #mentalhealth #selfcare

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As a therapist, clients bring me numbers all the time…”My marriage won’t work because only 48% of them do,” “my child is dumb because he doesn’t say 50 words and he’s 2,” etc.  I watch people get so consumed by the numbers that they lose sight of the reality in front of them.  I also watch people create their own numbered goals that range from checking items off a list to how many playdates they need to schedule for their child to develop social skills.  Not everything that has a number has meaning that is specific to the circumstances or personalities that encompass your life and your personal interactions.  Most statistics are skewed, contain a small sample of people with different circumstances and don’t typically hold value to one’s particular life.

The challenge this week is to stop counting!  Do what you can rather than have the goal to check off 5 things, run 10 miles or schedule 3 dates.  Take the example of social media; it’s not the number of friends you have, but how many actual quality relationships and interactions you have with probably a select few.  Be mindful of your experiences and feelings this week…let the numbers go and find the real meaning and value in what you do and who you are