“My life has great characters; I just haven’t figured out the plot”-Ashleigh Brilliant #mentalhealth #selfcare #relationships #awareness #mindfulness #friendships #life #positiveenergy #value

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We have people in our lives that we feel we cannot live without…and then there are others who we dread seeing at family functions or purposely avoid by taking a different path to the break room at work.  Sometimes you may have enough drama in your life that you wonder if your life could be written into a sitcom because situations just seem unreal, strange or mostly laughable.  The good news is that for the most part, you are the author of your life and decide who gets to be a character in it and what role they play.

The challenge this week is to start thinking about who adds value to your life and who doesn’t.  The ones who add value, let them know and give them the time they deserve.  Those that seem to only add frustration, let’s give them minor roles in your life and see where we can start to remove them…for example if you are angry at a coworker and can’t stop thinking about how they botched up a presentation this morning…think about someone or something else positive.  You are giving them a starring role by giving them space in your head!  Who you let into your story and the role they play can greatly impact your wellbeing.  Build awareness of who is draining you versus who is bringing you sunshine and let’s bring more joy into this chapter of your life.