“…life is neither a problem to be solved more a game to be won”-Timothy Ferris @tferriss #life #mentalhealth #mindfulness #happiness #stress #anxiety #depression #enjoylife #perspective

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As a society, people tend to be competitive.  Corporations are made up of “teams,” open work environments allow us to compare to our counterparts, reality competitions and sports are American past times.  Dramas and most movies are centered around some problem that needs to solved and most commercials are selling you a problem you didn’t know you had!

Constant comparison to others and attempting to “win” life is missing the point of living.  Marketing tells us we want to be like this person or have all these things, but competing and consumption often still leave people depressed, anxious and craving more. This week, notice when you are stuck on a problem or creating a competition in your head.  What would it be like not to have to solve a problem or compete with someone else? Change your perspective to start seeing life as something to enjoy with what you have and try to not be swayed otherwise by the messages around you (that’s the real competition!).