“Judging a person does not define who they are. It defines who you are”-Unknown #mindfulness #judgement #judging #awareness #motivation #relationships #kindness #nice #impression #connection

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Each of us has a story that is filled with struggle, strength and definition.  Sometimes we are quick to judge others before we get a chance to know them, their story and their reasons.  Do you tend to judge people?  Perhaps this may just be a habit that you’ve had for years.  The extreme of this may be popping into your head of someone you know who loves gossip, loves to complain and typically makes first judgements.

The challenge this week is going to be to become aware of when you are judging a person or even a situation before you have the story, the facts, etc.  What feelings come up for you?  Where do you think these ideas come from?  Then allow yourself to let that judgement go and instead try to get to know people and the facts before more judgement comes up.  I hope this exercise helps you connect to others and disconnect from judgement this week.  Get curious, ask questions and build positive relationships!