“It’s not the amount of time you devote, but what you devote to the time that counts”-Anonymous #priorities #goals #selfcare #sayno #boundaries #should #want #mentalhealth #anxiety #energy

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Where does our time go?  Most of us feel like we have no time, however it’s interesting when you monitor your time and see where it goes…especially if your phone is telling you that 3 hours a day is spent on social media…it can be a shock.  Like the quote says, it’s “what” you devote the time to that counts, so how do you make it count?

A good way is to first think about where your time goes when you are not at school/work or someplace you need to be.  Are you doing things you “want to do” or feel you “should do?”  Are you parked in front of the TV when your real goal is to get 5,000 steps a day? Start questioning where your time and energy is going.  What am I doing now? Will this help me reach my goals? if not, you know what you need to do!

The reality is that there are many things in your control, you only have to choose what you want!  Of course this may not be easy at times…saying no and setting boundaries is hard, especially when they involve people.  However, when you are spending your time focused on something that brings you joy or helps you reach your goals, I think the guilt will fade and you will start choosing you more.  Positive results and feeling good with your decisions is right around the corner.  Go for it!