“It’s never too late to start. It’s always too late to wait”-Jeff Olson #slightedge #goals #motivation #mentalhealth #procrastination #mindfulness #choices #blogspiration #change

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The month of January has come to an end…how are your resolutions or goals going?  Sometimes we get thrown off track because life happens. No worries!  You have the ability to re-start or start anytime.  We can be really hard on ourselves when it comes to making change or taking steps to reach a particular goal.  Pay attention to the negative self talk in your head.  Of course you aren’t going to listen to someone who doesn’t help you feel good about doing something!  Be nice!…”I can do this, I can make a small step.” It may never feel like it is a good time to start…but as the quote says, the longer you wait, the less likely what you want will happen.

So the blogspiration challenge this week is to pick 1 thing you’ve been meaning to do.  It doesn’t have to be a new year’s resolution, it can be something as simple as starting your laundry or calling your great aunt Helga.  Take one step and with that you will start to see that change and/goals are possible to reach!  Yes you can!