“In the midst of movement and chaos, keep stillness inside of you”-Deepak Chopra

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When you read this quote, you may be thinking of a specific chaos in your life right now or perhaps that chaos simply defines your life in general! We are programmed in our society to keep moving, keep doing…what for? …is it really for the bigger house, fancier car, designer handbag, or social status? When you think about what really matters to you, is it material things? I guarantee that inside of you, there is more! …more passion, personality and love that you have to share with others and also yourself.  There is deeper importance than what our society and culture defines of “success.”
The challenge week is not to quite your job, buy a tiny house and herd cattle in pursuit of happiness.  The challenge is to be still for a few minutes of your day when you notice the chaos starting to consume you.  Notice what is happening around you.  View the chaos from the outside and notice what it feels like, smells like, looks like and hears like.  Tell yourself you are temporarily removed from this chaos and just focus on your breathing and sensing. This is not easy to do, but let’s make it a habit every day this week and see what happens 🙂