“In real life, I’ve found that progress lives in small and seemingly uneventful accomplishments”-Lauren Graham #meaning #laurengraham #progress #moments #mindfulness #awareness #mentalhealth #selfcare #goals #waves #accomplishment

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Dreams and goals all seem like such wonderful things, until you realize what you have to do to reach them.  It’s like wanting to become a pop star and when you show up to audition for a reality singing show with 4000 people  and realize you are singing not in front of judges on tv, but some random person…it’s a downer for sure!  Real progress often comes in small steps, disguised with great meaning underneath.  Maybe you want to eat better and so you get the burger, but instead of fries you opt for a vegetable, that’s a small step, however if you did that 1 meal a day for a month you would start seeing some real progress.  It could be waking up just 10 minutes before everyone else in your house to have a moment to yourself, over time you will start to feel the benefit of not rushing into the survival mode of the day.

The mental health challenge this week is to look at the small accomplishments and understand the larger impact they have on your goals or just well-being throughout the week.  For example, if you pick out your clothes the night before, then the next morning maybe you aren’t scrambling as much to get out the door, which carries over to getting to work on time, allowing you to accomplish more, meet your deadlines and leave on time.

Create the waves that will travel to eventually meet your goals and create your dreams…1 small and uneventful step at a time. You got this!