“If you’re going through hell, keep going” -Winston Churchill #work #motivate #positivethinking

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Often when there are roadblocks in life we just stop. We feel immobile and believe that the negative energy around us can only consume our happiness and our ability to move forward. How often I hear, “This week is going to suck!,” “I’m in hell this week at work!,” etc. Usually I hear this on Mondays from clients or even on Fridays anticipating the upcoming week!

Even though you may be experiencing negativity in the work place, within a relationship or within an unfortunate situation, keep moving forward. When we feel stuck, we are stuck. If we keep a positive perspective or creatively think of how to work through, we can overcome and keep it in the past. We can celebrate our ability to move through “hell” and into a better place mentally where we celebrate that we can work through negative situations so that they do not stick in our present mind. Remember-if you can work through something negative this week, you can do it again and again. Keep practicing, keep going!