“If it’s too much, simplify!”-Amy Nolan

Posted by on May 23, 2016 in Blog | 0 comments

When I see clients on Mondays, I hear similar guilts from the weekend…”I ate too much,” “I spent too much money,” “I didn’t get to everything on my list!” Our American culture tells us more is better, we deserve more, we need more. It’s easy to fill our heads with these thoughts and so I ask, “Is it meaningful?” and “Does it add value to your life?” Then the answer is a simple “no.” That sweater you thought you needed isn’t meaningful. The price of that big wedding doesn’t add value to your marriage. Not getting to clean the floors doesn’t matter that much at all when you are playing on them with your kids.

My challenge for this week is to simplify. Donate something that doesn’t add meaning or value to your life. Give yourself a break from something on your to do list that doesn’t matter more than your family. Resist spending those extra dollars in a store to save for an experience or give to charity instead. Get lost in the sunset, watch the waves on the shore, spend time with friends or do something that makes you smile. Although this challenge may seem simple, it will be difficult as the week goes on. Life isn’t about having more, when “it’s too much,” simplify and you will find yourself stressing less and prioritizing what really matters.