“I used to hope that you’d bring me flowers. Now I plant my own.” -Rachel Wolchin #hope #relationships #motivation #excuses

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We are human…and so we are really good at blaming others for our shortcomings and making excuses for why we haven’t reached our goals.  I have seen a lot of people over the years who have this constant hope that change will just happen one day and so they enter a vicious cycle of excuse, blame, denial and then hope again.  I get dizzy just thinking about it!  When we realize that hope isn’t enough it can be devastating but also an enormous sense of relief.  So how can you stop this cycle and do something?

The challenge this week begins with recognizing what you are hoping for that continues not to be received.  If it’s something in a relationship, let’s be direct with a partner and ask for what you are hoping for.  If it’s personal, don’t even think about the first step, “just do it!”  I call this “Nike” therapy…the first step can be hard, but sometimes when you don’t think about it and just do it, it can be an amazing accomplishment! Let’s stop waiting and being disappointed with ourselves and others.  You are strong enough to achieve what you want.  Plant those seeds and watch your growth blossom into something that is truly amazing!