“How people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours”-Wayne Dyer #karma #reaction #nofilter

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From time to time, everyone has an off day where they said something to someone that they regret or perhaps they do not regret, however they wish their “filter” was working.  It is a difficult concept to understand that we cannot control what other people say and do.  It is even harder to control our own reactions, especially if we can feel particular heightened emotions in our body whether they are pure rage or anxious excitement.

This week’s challenge is to build awareness of what happens when you react to others.  What happens to you physically?  What thoughts come into your head before you speak?  Do different people bring up different emotions and reactions?  I’m sure they do!  Remember, whatever happens outside of you with others, you cannot control.  The more awareness that is gained through understanding how you react to different people, the more control you will have to respond the way you really want. Even if you don’t get to the reacting differently this week, building awareness of your reactions is a good place to start as this is a more difficult challenge.  Good luck!