“He wondered if he had bitten off more than he could chew. Then he laughed, realizing that he had nothing to chew on at the moment”-Spencer Johnson #anxiety #mindfulness #selfcare #selftalk #failure #worry #thoughts #motivation #positivity

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It’s easy to feel overwhelmed, especially if your life feels frenzied and chaotic in the midst of working, taking care of yourself and others that depend on you.  It’s easy to be programmed when life is most chaotic to feel impending anxiety coming from all angles..always giving us more to worry about.  Sometimes we even worry about things that didn’t happen…sure they may happen, but they still didn’t.  That’s what this quote is about…on the extreme level, I call this “catastrophizing.”

Catastrophizing is when we’ve created a scenario in our minds like it already happened.  For example, in your self-talk you may say things like “I’ve failed the test!,” “I’m going to get fired!,” “He’s not going to call me back!,” “I’m never going to get healthy!”

The challenge this week is to catch these thoughts, then gently remind yourself that they didn’t happen yet.  Ask yourself what 3 things you can do now to prevent them from happening.  Keep reassuring yourself along the way…anxiety loves the “what ifs” so watch out!  Chances are that things aren’t as bad as you’ve made them in your head.  Just think of all the time and energy you can save to focus on other positive things once these thoughts are gone…