“Feeling uncomfortable is where change happens”-Amy Nolan #selfcare #change #motivation #habits #thinkpositive #mentalhealth #selfsabotage #stuck #excuses

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In my practice working with clients, they come with the best intention to facilitate change in their lives.  However, when it comes down to the actual “doing” of the changes they get stuck.  I hear a lot of “I tried but…,”  “I can’t because (insert excuses)…” and the list goes on.  I call this “self-sabotage” and see it so often because the truth is: change is hard!  Bad habits however are easy to continue, because 1. You are already doing them 2. You can rely on yourself to make sure they happen 3. They are comfortable!  When people start to be the change in their lives that they want, it is natural to feel uncomfortable because it is different…this is where uncomfortable can actually be a good thing.

The challenge this week is to think of a goal you want to achieve (small is good) and take a step.  If it feels uncomfortable, sit with that feeling for a few minutes.  What about it is uncomfortable?  Is it simply because you are doing something different?  Is the something you are doing a step towards your goal? …if the last one is a “yes” then you are on the right track, keep going a little bit every day this week and next week you might actually feel more comfortable taking your next step into change.  Whether it’s a step to start exercising, talk to someone, or another goal you are the only person in the way of reaching it.  Don’t be fooled by self-sabotage. Let the uncomfortable become comfortable and feel great about yourself no matter how small the step!