“Everything is messier than you expect it to be unless you expect it to get messy”-Sal Khan #motivation #goals #expectations #mentalhealth #selfcare #anxiety #messy #resilience #overcome #resources #support

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Life is full of messes and that’s what I believe makes life special.  Think about it-if everything went perfectly all the time, life would become a bore.  If the shows we watched on TV never had conflict and had a happy ending every episode, it would be guaranteed to get cancelled.  The best shows have a cliff-hanger of conflict at the end to keep you motivated to watch it, reflect about what happened, what you think will happen and then you are anxiously waiting for the next episode to air.

In real life, we tend to set unrealistic expectations that things will happen without a hitch or that they will be full of catastrophes.  The challenge this week is not to expect a mess…that’s easy to do.  The challenge is to know and believe that if a mess happens, you will have the resources to fix it, change it, overcome it, work through it, ask for support, etc.  Messes in life can feel uncomfortable, disheartening or just plain annoying.  If we look at them as an opportunity to believe in ourselves that we will overcome, learn and move on- we will be better able to take whatever mess the universe decides to throw at us.  Bring it on universe, we are ready!