“Energy flows where attention goes”-Michael Bernard Beckwith #energy #attention #mindfulness #headspace #selfcare #positivity #flow

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This is such a simple quote, yet the impact is substantial.  Imagine a day when you wake up and everything seems to go wrong…then you are constantly on a negative feedback loop of what went wrong and anticipating more wrong to come.  The negative energy continues and it seems you’ve become a victim of a series of unfortunate events.  It doesn’t have to be that way!  Because it all starts in your mind…

The challenge this week is to not focus on the negative events, but recognize your negative self talk.  If you find it’s in a negative light, picture a huge red stop sign. Stop those thoughts!  Then take baby steps to change each thought, one at a time.  If you are prone to negative energy, this will be hard work.  For example “I fell out of bed this morning and my dog threw up on the rug…this day is going to suck!” to…”That was pretty funny falling out of bed, and then the dog throwing up, it’s like I’m living in a sitcom!  I’m not going to let this ruin the rest of the day…”  You choose what thoughts are on that feedback loop, let’s make it positive!  Positive attention yields positive energy and experience.