“Each of us needs to withdraw from the cares which will not withdraw from us” -Maya Angelou #feelings #overcome

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Time and energy, energy and time, occasionally wasted on negative people or situations.  The negative pieces taunt us, haunt us and we feel like we have no control over them.  If we are arguing with a friend, we may be thinking about their actions or what they said to hurt us all day, all week.  We care about this, it’s important to us, yet the rumination about the situation does nothing positive to our spirit.  Why do we do it then?  We do it because we care about our own feelings, but over-thinking them is not the same as expressing them.

This week’s challenge is to give yourself a timeout from these persistent thoughts and bothers so that they do not escalate.  Try to focus on understanding what your feelings are concerning the situation and decide how you are going to express them, not ruminate on them.  This could be having a conversation to let the other party know how you feel or it could be writing it out and letting it go as the words are written.  Try to catch yourself with these thoughts and withdraw from them, give yourself that timeout to gain perspective and expression to work through and overcome!