“Don’t complain about what you allow”-Jeff Olson #slightedge #courage #boundaries #selfcare #stopblame #noexcuses #mentalhealth #complaining #strength #springcleaning

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We have made it to spring and with that may come some spring cleaning where I  like to look at what we can clean up on the inside.  One of those things are complaints…complaining is negative energy whether from within or that we may hear from the outside far too often. Some of us may allow others to keep complaining to us even though we may not want to hear it!  What else do you complain about that you allow?  For example, complaining about a friend texting you past 10pm however you allow it by continuing to respond. Complaining about not exercising, but allowing yourself to sit on the couch. Complaining how your friend flakes out on getting together with you, however you allow yourself to keep planning potential dates.

The blogspiration challenge this week is to be aware when you hear yourself complaining about something.  Is there anything in there you are allowing?  How can you begin to not allow it?  Is there something you can do, like setting do not disturb on your phone at 10pm so you don’t get those messages until morning or asking your friend to reserve texts prior to 10pm for example?  Leave the negative complaints in your life and give yourself the gift of positive energy to have courage and stop allowing the negative cycles to repeat.