“Doing nothing often leads to the very best of something” -Winnie the Pooh #doingnothing #motivation #creativity #rest #possibilities #opportunities #selfcare #dreaming #inspiration #reflection

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Yes, Winnie the Pooh did say this…despite being a toy he is full of wisdom for all of us! Today is the final day of 2018 and a great time to stop and do nothing for a while.  Maybe you can use this time to reflect on the year or dream of the possibilities that 2019 could bring.  When we use time to stop and just be, ideas can come, opportunities unfold and potential can be realized. Doing “nothing” could also be walking, sitting, relaxing and staring at your computer at work pretending to be working while instead you are meditating, reflecting, dreaming etc. (I won’t tell!)

The challenge this week is to carve out some time when you have some energy think, relax and just be.  Let your thoughts come and see what unfolds.

Cheers to 2019 and the “very best of something” for you!