Cupcakes are muffins that believed in miracles-Anonymous #miracles #hope #resilience #transformation #motivation #believeinyourself #positivethinking

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I couldn’t find who said this quote, but it is genius!  We are so hard on ourselves and it makes sense…we are only human and strive to find happiness and joy within us and around us.  However, in our heads we can be our own worst critics.  Something that continues to surprise me is how harsh people can be in their own minds…so negative in fact that it prevents them from reaching goals, getting out of bed and sometimes losing all hope in themselves.

The blogspiration challenge this week is to look in the mirror and say this quote out loud.  Say it again louder if you have to!  If you see yourself as a “muffin” this week…what is the frosting?  Maybe it’s a chat with a friend to lift you up, going for a hike, listening to a song that revs up positivity (the kind you roll down the windows and belt out).  Whatever it is, carve out that time and find a sweet spot in your life!  Believe in yourself and watch transformation happen…in the end, it may feel like a miracle, but really it’s your hard working baking up the life you want!