“Conflict cannot survive without your participation”-Wayne Dyer #drama

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Sometimes we find ourselves in the middle of a heated argument between friends, our significant other, co-workers or family and may wonder, “how did we get here?” It may begin as a simple conversation or maybe an opinion and then all of a sudden it appears you are in a war! Caught trying to defend yourself, someone else or looking for that blinking red exit sign to run to. You may be the person who tries to avoid conflict, the person who doesn’t like it, but always seems to be in the middle. Perhaps you are rolling your eyes right now thinking “You have no idea! My life has so much drama, I’ve been waiting for a network to knock on my door for the next hit reality show!” The challenge this week is to take a step out of conflict you may find yourself in. Look at it from the outside…Ask yourself, what is my role here? What am I trying to achieve? It’s easy to put the blame on someone else and it’s even more difficult to think about how you are participating in it. Remember the quote this week…whatever the conflict is, it cannot survive without you! This doesn’t mean look for the exit and run…the challenge here is to understand your role and think about how you can resolve the conflict in the best interest of everyone. That may be to agree to disagree and that’s okay. The goal here is to gain a different perspective that will allow you to bypass the “war” of conversation, looking for common ground so you can work through it and avoid it next time. A great place to start is social media…where’s there’s drama, there’s drama! Take a look at posts/texts and visualize others’ perceptions to gain a better understanding of the role they are playing in an argument and where it could have been bypassed. Next, apply it to your own life.