“Comfort is popular, but courage changes lives”-John O’Leary #mentalhealth #courage #change #positiveenergy #mindfulness #selfcare #purpose #goals #dreams #results #comfort

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Each one of us have innate tendencies and behaviors that seem to continuously happen with the expectation of a different result. For example, you are working in retail and believe your life would be better if you were a nurse working 4 days on and 3 days off…except you’ve now been in retail for 12 years and have not enrolled in nursing school.  Perhaps you are dreaming of losing 5 pounds at the same time you are thoroughly enjoying the comfort of your cheeseburger after sitting at a desk for 9 hours today.

Whatever it is, our Blogspiration this week wants you to take 1 risk outside of your comfort zone and see what happens.  It can be something small like saying hello to someone while walking your dog when usually you speak to no one.  It could be driving a different route to work or walking while talking on the phone instead of sitting down.  Although this challenge might seem small, if you accomplish it-what’s next?  The limits are endless as your courage and confidence grow outside your comfort zone and into making your dreams a more approachable reality.