“Celebrate what is right so u have energy for the wrong”-Mary Ann Wasil #MaryAnnWasil #positivity #choice #energy #selfcare #anxiety #mentalhealth #wellbeing #celebrate

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I believe we as humans are poorly wired to see only the negative…at one point this probably served us well for survival, but in our modern world this certainly doesn’t bring sunshine to our crappy days.  We all have those days where we’re late, stuck behind a truck/bus, spill coffee on ourselves, hit every red light, our technology doesn’t work, our kids aren’t cooperating and the list goes on.  When those moments happen, it’s important to celebrate what is right this week, no matter how silly it sounds.

If you hit every red light this week celebrate that you car’s brakes work.  If you spill coffee on your favorite shirt, celebrate the spill itself because life is messy and you are surviving it! Whatever happens, find some light in the dark and remind yourself that you are awesome and will get through anything with your supreme awesomeness! With all that energy you are giving back to yourself, next time negativity comes in, you’ll be ready to work through it and get back to what is positive in your life, moving forward in being the best you for yourself and those around you.