“By giving something up, we may gain”-Gretchin Rubin @gretchenrubin #courage, #mentalhealth #boundaries

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Our society tends to push how much we can do to be successful, but in a world that is discovering minimalism, the other extreme-we can now see both sides.  For those who fall into the “average” category you probably aren’t taking on 20 new projects to boost your sales into the millions or limiting yourself to only 3 pairs of jeans in your dresser.  So what can the average person give up so they may gain?

The challenge this week is to figure that out!  What can you find the courage this week to give up so you may gain something?  Maybe it’s giving up some PTO time for a mental health day.  Maybe it’s giving up the birthday party so you can do something for your self-care.  Maybe it’s not answering your father’s e-mail today so you don’t have to worry about his response.  Whatever it is, I hope you find that by giving up something small, it gives you the courage to focus on you, your  self-care, your time, your hobbies, and ultimately a moment of happiness!  Good luck!