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Vision Boarding Event this Saturday-Come be inspired and set goals for 2019 #goals #inspiration #visionboarding

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Come join us this Saturday in our Toms River office for Vision Boarding from 10am-11am

  • Snacks will be served
  • Learn to goal set and form the habits you need to reach your goals
  • Create a vision board and other materials to stay inspired for 2019

Bring a friend!  We still have a few spots left

Register here 

“Accept yourself for having trouble accepting yourself. Life is set up to make it hard for people to accept their weaknesses and imperfections” -Mira Kirshenbaum #acceptance #strength #weaknesses #imperfections #perfect #selfcare

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We all have flaws.  Sometimes certain ones stand out more than others and can be hard to accept.  We may continue to put ourselves down in our head with our self-talk, some of us let this negative talk in our minds consume us and debilitate us from being who we want to be in the first place.  Kindness matters, no one likes a bully anyways. Imperfections can contain their own type of beauty.  For example, I recently bought my daughter a decorated cupcake.  She picked the one that had a little splotch of paint on the top and said “see mommy, they painted it.”  The other cupcakes were “perfect,” with no splotches at all, but my daughter picked the one that showed an artist was there.  That pastry artist may have been beating herself up for that one little splotch after decorating the 20 something cupcakes in that case (that all probably tasted just as good).  I see the little splotch representing hard work, patience and artistry to make a tiny 2 inch snowman on the cupcake.

This week, be kind to yourself and understand that imperfections make you who you are and also make you interesting inside and out.  What “paint splotches” do you have and what strengths do they represent for you?  We all have our own “stuff” that builds our character and helps connect us to others.  As you learn to accept your weaknesses and find the strength in them, help others do the same.  We can all use some strength and kindness every day.

“Focus on what you do want in life and you’ll be surprised at how much of it shows up” -Hal Elrod #focus #priorities #whatmatters #december #inspire #dreams #possibilities #goals #mindfulness #motivation #selfcare #monday #values

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Where we focus on attention matters.

If you find yourself feeling stressed, a lot of the time it’s because your energy is going to something that doesn’t align with your values.  For example: considering this time of year…if you are stressed about running out to the mall for holiday gifts while your children are irritated to tag along and want to make cookies at home; it’s time to take a step back and look at what’s happening.  Perhaps you are frustrated just thinking about putting on your furry parka,  holiday traffic, crowds, lines and would rather be making cookies yourself!  If we take the time to stop and focus on how to change our situation, we can start to see other solutions, but when we are stressed those solutions aren’t possible to see.  Having a moment to think…ordering gifts online and paying the $5 shipping cost may just be worth your minimal stress level of avoiding all the mall mayhem and feeling happy as you make and eat those delicious cookies at home in your pajamas.

This week, when you find yourself stressed, start to think of other possibilities that would make your situation a tiny bit more pleasant that better matches up to what you value in life.  You may not be able to change everything all at once, but little changes here and there can make a huge difference in your energy level and happiness. I think once you discover the value in changing your focus on what you want rather that what “should” be happening, more of that good feeling will begin to show up more and more.

Sending positive vibes to open up those possibilities this week!

“Everything has its beauty, but not everyone sees it”-Andy Warhol #beauty #perspective #thankful #gratitude #appreciation #thanksgiving #cybermonday #motivationmonday #mindfulness #wonder

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Coming off of Thanksgiving, I wanted to give out a quote that keeps us in the mindset of gratitude and finding beauty in the little things.  Babies and small children are the best at this…they can look at a stick and smile, appreciating the beauty, texture and sometimes taste of objects we take for granted.  Little kids seeing things for the first time are often blown away and can’t stop talking about their simple experiences.  As adults, we need to reconnect with this sense of wonder of the world.

The challenge this week is to take a moment and look around you.  What do you notice that you didn’t notice before?  Use all of your senses and see what happens, you may surprise yourself!  Whatever you notice, appreciate it…it’s the little things like breathing that not everyone sees, yet we need to do it to be alive and can learn about what we are feeling if we pay attention to how it flows.

Bonus: If you are feeling really good after this experience, write it down so next time you feel crappy you can come back to this and find the beauty and stillness in the chaos.

“I have so much to accomplish today that I must meditate for two hours instead of one”-Mahatma Ghandi #mindfulness #awareness #goals #motivation #selfcare #rest #sleep #reboot #energy

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When our days are packed we tend to leave ourselves behind…and sometimes our coffee.  At least that’s how I judge my time.  If I’m at work at 7am and my coffee is still half full by noon, that’s my sign I need a break!  This quote is a great reminder that when our schedules are full, so are our minds and rest is important for us to re-energize and recoup some energy for whatever’s next in your day.  I realize that this is near impossible for many…lunch breaks are now fantasies, a thing of the past.  Today we are more connected and have more demands than ever.

The challenge this week is on your busiest day, actually schedule a break.  Your brain needs time to process and recoup!  Make sure it’s somewhere no one can contact you, preferably out of your place of work.  Use that time (hopefully you can get anywhere from 30-60 mins) to just be, meditate, listen to music, go for a walk, read a book, etc.  It’s important to make sure your phone is not in reach as well as that can be a perfect distraction from awarding yourself this time to reboot.  Be mindful of this exercise on your busiest days and I think you will begin to feel less stressed and more accomplished 1 “mental recovery” break at a time.  🙂

“The emotion that can break your heart is sometimes the very one that heals it”-Nicholas Sparks #heal #heartbroken #relationships #emotion #mentalhealth #nicholassparks #love #intention #depression #forgiveness

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So many emotions can break one’s heart from anger to jealousy to plain hurt and disappointment.  I think everyone experiences emotions that seem to break your heart open in terms of relationships whether they be with a friend, significant other or family.  Whatever those emotions are, they can provide an avenue to heal yourself.  We can’t change how others think or treat us, but we can control how much energy we let them have by being in our heads and controlling our emotions.  One of my pet peeves as a therapist is hearing “How does that make you feel?” (I’m cringing just typing it!).  When we use “make” we imply blame on someone else and I don’t know anyone who blames others and then feels better.  You are in control of what happens in your head.

Use those negative relationship emotions past or present to fuel your drive to give something to yourself this week instead of giving energy to someone else who has hurt you.  This can be saying something positive in your self-talk such as “I’m awesome!” or “I’m a great friend.”  Whatever it is, be kind to yourself and remember you are in control.  Believe it and refocus that energy on something positive for you because I bet that person that hurt you doesn’t deserve to be in your head!

“Quitting is better than coping because quitting frees you up to excel at something else”-Seth Godin #quitting #anxiety #depression #selfcare #choice #decisions #mentalhealth #awareness #possibility

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In our culture, quitting usually has negative connotations.  There’s this idea that if you quit something, you are giving up, a failure, should feel guilty, etc.  What if we change this perspective so there’s a possibility that quitting could actually be a good thing?  For example, let’s say that every morning you want to get up 30 minutes earlier to exercise, however when your alarm goes off, the snooze button gets hit for the whole 30 minutes.  If you could quit hitting that snooze button and exercise, quitting could actually add something positive and accomplish one of your goals!

This can translate into so many things, such as coping with a job you hate, communicating people who bring you down, saying “yes” to things that don’t add value to your life.  The list can go on forever.  The challenge this week is to find 1 thing in your life that is not working for you…either you don’t feel good about it, it doesn’t add value or can be a waste of time.  Whatever it is, it is time to quit!  Quit and open yourself to the possibilities of positive change and feel good about it!  You got this!

“We make a living by what we get; we make a life by what we give”-Winston Churchill #trickortreat #giving #generosity #mindfulness #relationships #communication #kindness

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I chose this quote for Halloween because each year I witness many children running around the neighborhood trying to get as much candy as possible, focusing on quantity and running from door to door often saying “trick or treat” as they run to the next house.  I think this is a great example for this quote as with our pace of life we are constantly running to the next thing without taking a moment to say “thank you” or allow a moment of conversation.  I personally love to tell kids how great their costumes are, ask what their favorite candy is and engage in the lost art form of conversation.

Last year, a little boy was with his older brothers trick or treating at my house.  While his older brothers sped away to the next house, the little boy about 5 years old dressed as Darth Vader asked me what my favorite candy was and when I told him it was Reese’s, he reached into his bag and gave me one!  I then gave him 2 large handfuls of candy because that was a rare form of generosity!  The challenge this week is to give something back, maybe it’s holding a door for someone, buying the person behind you a coffee, texting a friend a thoughtful message.  When I think of Halloween, I love thinking of that little boy, being brave to stay back from his brothers, taking the time to say thanks and giving up one of his candies despite being dressed as a villain.  I guess there can be candy on the dark side if you find the right person 🙂

“Celebrate what is right so u have energy for the wrong”-Mary Ann Wasil #MaryAnnWasil #positivity #choice #energy #selfcare #anxiety #mentalhealth #wellbeing #celebrate

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I believe we as humans are poorly wired to see only the negative…at one point this probably served us well for survival, but in our modern world this certainly doesn’t bring sunshine to our crappy days.  We all have those days where we’re late, stuck behind a truck/bus, spill coffee on ourselves, hit every red light, our technology doesn’t work, our kids aren’t cooperating and the list goes on.  When those moments happen, it’s important to celebrate what is right this week, no matter how silly it sounds.

If you hit every red light this week celebrate that you car’s brakes work.  If you spill coffee on your favorite shirt, celebrate the spill itself because life is messy and you are surviving it! Whatever happens, find some light in the dark and remind yourself that you are awesome and will get through anything with your supreme awesomeness! With all that energy you are giving back to yourself, next time negativity comes in, you’ll be ready to work through it and get back to what is positive in your life, moving forward in being the best you for yourself and those around you.

“Sometimes it’s important to go to a familiar place and look at it with fresh eyes”-Marsha Cooper #marshacooper #perspective #mindfulness #selfcare #experience #mentalhealth #anxiety #awareness #motivation #nature #therapy

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When we are rushed, feeling anxious, depressed or just plain off it can leave us feeling like we are surviving and not thriving.  Think of a place that you like to go to, maybe alone where you feel relaxed and calm.  If you can this week, I would encourage you to go to that place if you can and take a look at it with fresh eyes…what do you see? What do you smell? What feelings, thoughts and memories come up for you here?  Allow yourself to be in the moment and connect with those thoughts and feelings.  Having a fresh perspective can be a new fulfilling experience that gives you the momentum you need to get through the week.

If you can’t get to that place, try to take a moment to close your eyes and imagine it or look at a picture of it if you can.  You can do this exercise really with any place to get in touch with yourself and others in various settings and to learn to look at things differently.  For example,  if you sit down at your desk at work and immediately feel anxiety, that would probably be a good time to sit back and look at your desk as your own space…what would you need to see on your desk that could help bring your anxiety down? Maybe it’s a funny picture or one of those “easy” buttons from Staples…or perhaps thinking of something positive before you sit down.

Perspective can be a complete game changer with what we think and how we feel.  Embrace this exercise to discover a new way to see through any negativity in your life.