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“Embracing the idea that you can want things for yourself even if nobody else understands the whys behind them is the most freeing and powerful feeling in the world”-Rachel Hollis @msrachelhollis #purpose #mindset #choice

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Purpose.  This quote practically defines it.  If you are waiting for permission to want something for yourself I am giving it to you right now!

If you want to take time for yourself, if you want to try meditation, if you want to start painting, if you want to skip through the street, if you want to binge watch 2 shows in a row by yourself with no kids around…whatever it is, embrace it this week!  I don’t care if it’s only for 10 minutes!  What’s important is that you give yourself whatever this is with purpose and most importantly without the approval of others. Their opinion has nothing on your purpose.  Your mental health is your mental health, so live for you and no one else this week, if someone ask why, say “for me!”

The grass is greener where you water it”-Anonymous #choices #priority #mindful #mentalhealth #selftalk #action #perspective

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I’m sure we’ve all heard this one before!  …but what does it have to do with our monthly theme of finding purpose?

Our purpose often comes from our priorities and actions.  So if you tell me your purpose right now is to overcome your breakup and social media gives you anxiety looking at your ex’s posts, but then I hear that you look those posts everyday…well I would say it’s time to water a different lawn!

This week I would like you to list your top 3 priorities.  Let’s get artsy here: draw your priorities as 3 blades of grass and label them.  Now draw a line above the bottom and top of each blade…those are the actions you will take to “water” your grass to ensure it grows.  Feel free to draw a couple extra lines if you need to.  Now you know what you need to do to prioritize these items and what action you need to take to make them a priority.

For example, if I have a blade of grass that is the priority of “quality time with my children,” then maybe my actions (“water”) are lines 1. saying no to a dinner on Saturday and 2. buying tickets online for the movies.  Now get out there and take those actions to make sure your grass is as green as can be!

“Power is not given to you. You have to take it” Beyoncé Knowles #power #mindset #mindfulness #choice #priority #mentalhealth #beyonce #energy #focus @Beyonce

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June’s Blogspiration theme this month is “living with purpose” and I will be sure to give you some inspiration each Monday this month to live with purpose!

The challenge this week is to recognize that power is something you have to take.  I’m not talking here about aggressively pushing people out of the way to rise to the top.  I am talking about making a choice to overcome your thoughts and feelings in order to give yourself power rather than blaming others or your feelings.  For example, someone might say “I feel depressed and it’s my partner’s fault!”…we are shifting our mindset here…by blaming your partner you are taking away your own power and draining your own energy!

Remind yourself this week that you call the shots!  When you notice your energy draining or negative emotions rising up inside…get that power back and give it back to yourself!  Use that power to make a positive choice, take a step toward a goal or to just be happy that you gave yourself back energy you would typically give to someone else in your life in thoughts.

You have the power to control your thoughts and your thoughts control your feelings, so let’s feel good!

“Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves”-Carl Jung #mindset #mentalhealth #potential #mindfulness #jealousy #comparison #selftalk #selfreflection

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We are ending the month with a biggie! …Self comparison.  It’s easy to believe that “everyone else” has the better life on social media with filters, professional photos, etc.  We forget that what people post is a choice and often curated.   The reality could be that their life is falling apart and you would never know.  If certain emotions come up for us when we see other people or interact with them, this is a moment to say “Stop!” in our minds.  Where is this coming from?  How is it affecting me?

The challenge this week is to reflect on these moments and bring it back to yourself.  What do you want to improve in your own life and how can you get there? For example, maybe you see your friend has a clean house all the time and find out she has someone to clean it.  But it’s not because she’s “lucky” or “privileged.” Maybe it’s because she’s had to work every weekend for the past 6 months.  The grass is not greener on the other side.  Sometimes you learn the green is different colors, burnt, dead, or astro turf!

“There is a switch within all of us that we can flick from SURVIVE to CONQUER. Even though we need to survive sometimes , we shouldn’t get too comfortable in our life jackets” Lilly Singh @IISuperwomanII #mindset #uncomfortable #mentalhealth #anxiety

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I say many times on this Blogspiration and to my clients, that uncomfortable is where change happens.  I believe everyone is capable, with a positive and determined mindset to flip that switch from survive to conquer.  If we get too comfortable, we limit ourselves from growth, potential and overall the best selves we can become.

The challenge this week is to think about a goal you have for the upcoming summer.  Maybe it’s to run a 5k…and you’re surviving every week on the treadmill walking a mile…now your challenge is to push yourself maybe to run a quarter of a mile.  Or perhaps it’s to not be distracted by social media to progress in your business.  Your conquer moment could be installing an app that limits your social media use during the work day.  Whatever it is you want to accomplish, get uncomfortable, find your change and celebrate whatever progress you can do each day!

“The more we need another person to satisfy our needs, the more power that individual has over us , the more dependent and needy we are likely to behave”-William Ury #relationships #mentalhealth #mindset #dependence #boundaries

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Mindset goes beyond our own self-talk, it also affects our relationships.  Do you let your happiness depend on how other people meet your needs? If you do, you are giving that person power over you and it’s something we call in the psychology field “co-dependency.”  You may feel like you need someone else to complete you or do something, but I know inside you is a strong independent person perfectly capable of creating their own happiness!

If this week’s blog speaks to you, your challenge this week is to do something for yourself that you usually would depend on someone else to do.  For example, maybe you only go to the gym if your friend goes or maybe you only read a book if your spouse reads.  You do you!  Once you do whatever that thing is, take a moment to rejoice, you can accomplish many things on your own, sometimes we just feel like we need others to do it.

“The pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty ” Winston Churchill #opportunity #mindfulness #perspective #mindset #anxiety #selftalk #mentalhealth

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This month in June, our theme will be “mindset.”  Mindset is the frame of mind that gives us particular perspectives or a way of thinking.  When I read Winston Churchill’s quote, I think of people in my life who believe everyone is out to get them and their life is a perpetual rerun of the worst day ever.  I also think of the people in my life who always seem to have sunshine flowing in their brains, I want to be those sunshine people!  I am constantly asking them to send their positive vibes my way during those rough days and admire that mindset.  Who do you want to be?  …who do you think you are most days?

Use this quote to reflect daily on your own mindset.  Think about how to reframe any negative thoughts to a positive perspective.  Maybe a project failed, but what can you learn from it?  What can you do better tomorrow? What small things happened today that were positive?  Maybe it’s so small, it’s that you got to work on time or were able to get some exercise by walking your dog this morning.  Whatever is happening in your life, work on a positive mindset and I guarantee the more you use it, the less overwhelmed and negative your life will seem.  If it doesn’t work out, it’s ok!  Try again and keep it going.  Go for it!

“Not all who wander are lost”-J.R.R. Tolkien #mindset #selfreflection #wander #mentalhealth #mindfulness #perspective #anxiety #depression #selfcare #connection

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When was the last time you powered off your cellphone?  Most people don’t…the battery drains, they recharge it and while it’s recharging they are already connected to another device…a watch, a tablet, a laptop, etc.  As our month of self-reflection comes to a close I want to give our subscribers the gift of permission to disconnect and see what you’re missing when your eyes are glued to a screen.

The challenge this week is to take some time out of 1 day to go on a Vision Quest.  It comes from Native American tradition, however for our purposes we are using it to disconnect from technology and reconnect to ourself.  Prepare by letting people know you will be unavailable for a pre-determined amount of time that you decide (try for at least 15 minutes).  Some people like to spend as long as a whole day, it’s up to you and the time you have available.  Bring a journal and write down any thoughts or ideas that come up along the way and see where this takes you.  I can tell you that hundreds of people have participated in this activity that has resulted in really cool experiences, meeting new people and deep self-reflection that has led to happiness.

I hope you enjoy it! 🙂

Vision Quest Instructions

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself”-George Bernard Shaw #life #mentalhealth #mindfulness #selfcare #create #mentalhealth #awareness #selfreflection #mindset

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We all have felt lost at different times in our lives.  Sometimes we feel completely stuck, as if all is out of our control.  As we continue to self-reflect this month, let’s find our inner creativity.  If you are searching to figure out who you are, perhaps you can stop and ask yourself who you want to become.  A first step could be how you think through situations.  Sometimes we corner ourselves, not knowing where we are or how to find a solution.  We may not find one, but we can always create one!

Our challenge this week is going to be reflecting on how we approach negative situations in our lives.  What is happening this week that you are not thrilled about? Let’s look at the difference between a negative mindset and positive mindset…

Ex. A:”I’m not thrilled about the meeting with my boss because my presentation is not finished and I feel stuck. I am such a loser and we may lose this customer!”

Ex B:  “My presentation is not finished because I need some further direction.  Maybe my boss can help lead me so I know how to finish it or maybe I can call the customer and let them know we care about their product and want to get it right, perhaps they can give me further insight on what they are looking for? Either way I may get more information that will help me finish, even before the meeting!”

In Example A, we are defeated, putting ourselves in a place where there is no direction with a negative mindset.  In Example B, we are creating solutions for ourselves and praising our effort to keep us going, what a difference!

Stop trying to find yourself and start creating the person you want to become through a positive mindset.


“He who looks outside dreams. He who looks inside wakes”-Carl Jung #mentalhealth #selfreflection #selfcare #mindfulness #values

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Carl Jung was a psychiatrist and early developer of psycho-analytical psychology and personality types from the early 1900s.  The entirety of his work and research was majority based on self-reflection.  This quote can be simplified to encourage us to look inside ourselves for the answers we are seeking.

The challenge this week is to connect to your inner-core for the answers you seek.  When you find yourself looking outside for a solution, reconnect inside to your own feelings and thoughts. It’s easy to search for answers from others, especially friends, family or people who’ve had similar experiences to us, but you know you best!  Ask yourself, “How do I feel right now about this?” “What is my initial gut-reaction?,” “If a friend asked me this, what would I tell them?” Give yourself a different perspective to connect to your inner-conscience and values.  Through this, I hope you awaken your inner-guidance, find confidence in yourself and trust that you have all you need to make the best decisions!